March 10, 2022

Robert F. Gamble

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Food for thought...
Now imagine using ' intelligent automation ' in your own home or location to protect you and your family and friends AUTOMATICALLY.
I am going to use these globalist tools to work for me, even though I often do not like supporting by buying anything from many of them...

I did buy an Amazon DOT Echo and also a few new devices ( USB interface and WiFi interface ) from to update my ' Old X10 controls and interfaces ' that I have been using since the real old Commode 64 era... and am already using the DOT Echo to automate lighting in my house and have ' intelligent ' AC outputs ordered and they should be here today and tomorrow... to automate my outside cheapo tube top swimming pole motors ( So I do not forget to shut the pumps off overnight and not monitored... I pumped my pool dry when a hose ruptured or came loose on the large pump I had installed on my ' bottom drain ' that I had to engineer into the pool myself and was not part of the original system<G> )

Using these types of controls, a person could also automate WEAPON SYSTEMS to trigger on events as well... or to manually activate security systems from a remote area using cheap electrical solenoids to pull triggers or pins as needed.