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05-22-2017 @ 5:34 AM EST


Increasing the Range of your Baofeng UV-5R With a Counterpoise - TheSmokinApe

Published on Sep 5, 2016

In this video we discuss how you can increase the range of your Baofeng UV-5R Ham Radio (or a; yeasu, icom or wouxun) with a counterpoise, or and HT for that matter. This will increase your TX and RX..

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Great video... many people do not consider tying their systems to 'earth' ground.

Base stations are often grounded to the chassis of the radios thru the power connector so it would make sense to help your portable to tie it's ground to earth as well.
I would see no problem with a longer, thinner wire cable ( not solid wire ) and possibly a long spike nail on the end to stomp in the ground if your out of the buildings. Many ways to pick up the safety ground in buildings instead of the 'common'.
Since it is not supposed to actually be using the connection for heavy current travel, you could probably put a 10k to 1 meg resistor in the middle to give you a little more protection ' in case'. I'd have to try it out and see what I was getting both ways and pick the best performance.. but keep safety in mind.