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I am currently banned from posting, adding comments, liking or any other interaction with friends, family and associates on Facsistbook.

This is why I am in 'Facebook Jail'.. ( 5-9-2017 ) .. if they can do that to me with the comment I made, you are ALL SCREWED !

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05-22-2017 @ 6:21 AM EST

This none posting crap ( fascistbook jail ) and dealing with facebook is bullcrap. We have to have multiple communication channels across multiple systems... the more the better.

Tell the Minutemen groups to send me an email with 'add this minuteman' in the heading to Rfgamble@yahoo.com, Rfgamble@hotmail.com and Robert.gamble0@gmail.com and I'll be able to send them all alerts or other information if I need to.



05-22-2017 @ 5:15 AM EST

My birthday today... and these darn muscle seizure/cramps have been aggravating me all night when I try to lay down in bed. I do not have any idea why it seems to bother me more when I lay flat at times but it is a fact of what I deal with almost constantly anymore.

Tonight it was the lower left calf and thigh wanting to lock up.

I hear the first birds chirping away outside... 5:23 AM.. if your fishing you should have been on the water and near your location about an hour ago<G>.



05-12-2017 @ 5:05 PM EST

I can see posts ( and the chats ) but can not do anything... but look. Thank you to all my friends helping to get messages out.

Flavio !!! A big thank you. Timothy, Thank you too ! .. I keep missing you in Chatango<G>... running back and forth to doctors, stores, pharmacies, hospitals.

Keep the fires burning, Patriots !!

Email me so I can add your addresses... Facebook is a dead system to me and I will have very little interaction when I can get back on. I was 'punished' for a post I made BEFORE the last time I was in facebook jail and that is pure BULLSHIT !


05-12-2017 @ 4:54 PW EST

Had to take Anita in for another lab work.. her urine had infection in it and they wanted another test ASAP... they are worrying about her kidneys. The new medication they gave her could take 8 weeks to see any results... supposed to stop the skin from flaking off, we'll see.

Really sucks and I feel real bad about what she has been going thru. Not looking good for the June trip back down to Florida right now.


05-11-2017 @ 4:18 pm EST

Another Florida Democrat political whore convicted !