All Federal employees and ANY / ALL of their subcontractors, United Nations, GOOGLE, AMAZON, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest employees and companies associated with them, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AND MUST LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY. You may not use ANYTHING ON THIS SITE ANYWHERE FOR ANYTHING... PERIOD !

You will be considered TRESPASSERS and any attacks same as if they fired a weapon !


National Forensic Audit - state form - RTF format

Time to get REAL NEWS...

Spread this everywhere and download a copy if you can. Q-Open-Your-Eyes ! ( this video is on Telegram )  https://t.me/ReaIJohnMcAfee/73

JOIN TELEGRAM NOW !!!! List of Patriot Telegram addresses coming in a few.... Telegram Channels, Groups and links !

Telegram Links United States Minutemen group - https://t.me/USMM_MeWe
United States Minutemen Channel -
https://t.me/USMM_CH    Site link list - text version

CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE - https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/   (  *** note *** ) .. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH THE COMMUNIST FRAUD BIDEN STOLEN WHITE HOUSE SITE, THEY DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING FROM The People OF THE REPUBLICS OF OUR GREAT STATES, They take their orders from Communist China and the terrorist tribes of islam controlling Iran and do not give a damn what the public of the United States thinks or wants... if it does not have cash under the table, they do not want it ! )... AND THAT'S THE FACTS, JACK ! The link does take you to the PREVIOUS AND REAL PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP'S SITE THAT IS ARCHIVED AND DOES NT ALLOW MORE ENTRIES INTO THAT ARCHIVED SYSTEM. 

Contact the Supreme Court - https://www.supremecourt.gov/contact/contact_pio.aspx

With a little Salt... current interesting articles             Watch The Watchers   random music links

Amazon falls to the communist takeover !

Facebook Attacking Conservatives - hunting them down on historical comments


Mozilla and Firefox siding with the traitors against The People !!!

Save America Foundation A topnotch WordPress.com site

Our NEW HOME for the United States Minutemen is on MEWE.com https://mewe.com/join/unitedstatesminutemen

Communist China Information - Black Lives Matter InformationAntifa Information

Riots - A_few_5g_descriptions_and_analysis

Locating United States Minutemen on Social Media sites    Managing our local state, county, city and region groups

Make America Defiant Again 

  Central depository for American Patriots Coalition - US Minutemen Structures.

Latest set of spread sheets with links   Latest Web format set of spread sheets  Latest text document Historical-last spread sheets with facebook URL's

Space... The Final Frontier !

Current Space Coast ( Florida ) Launches Scheduled  XXX - Biden links - adults only

Each voting location needs a few AMERICAN MADE cameras to watch inside and outside to document possible fraud at the locations. Do not buy these cheap COMMUNIST CHINESE MADE Reolink cameras sold by Amazon.com ... They are one of the worse support groups I have ever dealt with ! 2 1/2 year warranty my ass !  

Programming links and tips

  *** Note new pages added to spread sheets for alternate social media sites we have a presence on, communications systems links, HAM repeaters, HAM - CHIRP information, Information Technology - programming.

This entire site (and backups) is designed for EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS for all of our communities !!

This Coalition of Patriots combines the strengths of the III%, The Minutemen, the Citizens Action Network, the ARMED CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA and now the American Patriot Strike Force.


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISAhttps://www.cisa.gov/election-security

Another great site for information ... http://fantonino-changingworld.blogspot.com/

News, Space and interesting articles   Minutemen Emergency Response Teams information  Hurricane Information links

Maysville class of 1977 40th reunion

Brevard Patriots - https://iii.thruhere.net/brevard_patriots/brevard_patriots.html

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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