All Federal employees and ANY / ALL of their subcontractors, United Nations, GOOGLE, AMAZON, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest employees and companies associated with them, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AND MUST LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY. You may not use ANYTHING ON THIS SITE ANYWHERE FOR ANYTHING... PERIOD !

You will be considered TRESPASSERS and any attacks same as if they fired a weapon !



Getting real bad.

Even MeWe has just removed or is in the process of removing every group or page related to Militia, prepping or survival... if they are there, they will not be much longer.

I do not expect this group to stay... and I am not wasting my time on it or building any other either. If you see this, consider yourself very lucky.

Better start stashing as much food and supplies as possible and any type of arms you can muster.

Time to go pony express and underground railroad ASAP.
Cover Your ASS !!! Pass that around to your friends and family.

Expect it to get worse real fast now.

Get a couple of handheld HAM capable radios for personal communication... phone communications are already tapped to the max.

If you have an older used PC around ( hopefully an older laptop for the built-in battery backup on power... even a tiny 2GB machine will work ), look into installing some ' flavor ' of Linux... look into Raspbian ( Raspberry Pi Operating system ), Debian or KALI on them and start learning how to maintain them. Most of these type operating systems can be kept on a thumb drive as a quick way to get yourself back up and running.



August 5, 2022

Massive attack on our MeWe structure... again. Just about as bad as on Facebook on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST when our structures there were also eradicated in a matter of seconds in a purely political attack since many of our members were also supporting TRUMP.

LUCKILY, there are groups spread out over a large cluster of many of the other social media systems and we were not only on the MeWe system.

I can not get back on MeWe, my accounts were all removed, just like if I had quit the system... the email addresses are still in there and I cannot make a new ID with any of those to see what may be left since my ID was the lock to the systems and I had just transferred the main USMM group over.


August 7, 2022

Confirmed. Mewe ( or someone that infiltrated MeWe support structures ) has removed my personal ID and all of our groups in the structures... even the main group that I had just transferred ownership to a close friend from our FB days.

One real person that comes to mind that is all pissed off about not giving him control of the main USMM on MeWe is MICHAEL JOHNSON.

I now consider him as an infiltrator of our structure and do not have any idea how deep he is involved in the globalist control structures.

NOTICE ! .. these attacks are just before MAJOR ELECTION CYCLES !

This cannot be a coincidence any longer.


Dean Garrison is the founder of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. You can currently find him on GAB, Truth Social and GETTR. He is suspended/banned from Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to text him at 402 855 6012 so we can start organizing. God Bless You All. If you have a website, FULL REPRINT RIGHTS are granted. Just link back if you would.


August 13, 2022


Running news articles as I find them started on August 13, 2022 at 4:03 PM EST


Constitutional Sheriff Wayne Ivey August 24 2022 Preferred candidates for political office -


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