Constitutional Sheriff Wayne Ivey August 24 2022



 Folks it’s time for the good, wholesome, and God fearing American Citizens to take back our country from the wack jobs that have made some of the most outrageous decisions, laws, and policies known to man!!

Trust me when I tell you, that if you only knew half of the stuff I know about what is taking place in our schools, our courts, and congress, you would lose your mind and ask how we got to where we are!!

To be fair, what’s going on in our world is our fault, because we just sat back and took it.

It’s our fault because we didn’t stand up, pound our fist, and say “enough is enough!!”

We also didn’t pay attention to who we were electing to office and to how they would act to invoke their own wills and not that of the majority of the citizens in our community.

As a result, we are now in a downward spiral and will have to work twice as hard to put America back on it’s foundation of good wholesome values!!

While I’m just as guilty as everyone else for actually thinking some of them held America’s values close to their heart, starting tonight I am going to do my part to right this ship by sharing with you who I believe are the right folks to fix the problem.

Tonight, I am going to share with you, so you can start to do your own research, who I am endorsing in various races throughout our great state and county and then over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will tell you why I chose each of these valued candidates in their respective races, and what we should expect from them moving forward!!

So with that said, below is the list of candidates I am supporting in each United States, Statewide, and County race and who I believe will actually listen to the voice of their constituents, while remembering who they serve, We The People…

Florida Governor: Ron DeSantis

Florida Attorney General: Ashley Moody

Florida Ag Commissioner: Wilton Simpson

Florida Chief Financial Off: Jimmy Patronis

US Senator: Marco Rubio

US House District 8: Bill Posey

Florida Senate District 19: Debbie Mayfield

Florida House District 32: Thad Altman

Florida House District 33: Randy Fine

Brevard County Commissioner D2: Tom Goodson

Brevard County Commissioner D4: Rob Feltner

Brevard School Board D1: Megan Wright

Brevard School Board D2: Courtney Lewis

Brevard School Board D5: Katye Campbell

Circuit Court Judge: Jessica Recksiedler

Brevard County Court Judge: Renee Torpy

So there you have it, my picks and endorsements for this upcoming election cycle. I encourage you to do your research on each candidate, vet them and their positions so you can be certain their views and beliefs align with your foundation and expectations of elected leaders in our county, state, and country!!

It’s time for us to stand strong and make certain that we are electing the right people to office who are going to remember their oath of office and also use common sense when making decisions about the future of our country!!

Constitutional Sheriff Wayne Ivey