August 29, 2022



We’re in a Constitutional Crisis and we aim to fix it! We request that members actively participate in the group and follow the guidelines below: 1. Always be respectful when commenting or posting. 2. Contact a Brevard Patriots Administrator first if you have any issues with content posted or any problems with other members. NOTE: we cannot accept requests from profiles with messaging turned off. If we can’t message you, you will not be approved. Members who don’t participate will be removed from the group at the discretion of the Administrators.



I am playing ' catch up ' since Nextdoor suspended my account for months until their support group determined that I should not have been suspended.

Laurie L. ( )... I need to be added to the GAB group and also to the email list, please <G>

Arlene Kelly ( ) told me there is an email list that gets our group updates but I need to be added.... I was told a member named ' Linda ' was in charge now of sending out notices... If Linda reads this or somebody knows how to contact the person, I would like to be added to the email list...
I created a web page link on my personal web server with this information under the link I created a good while ago... These do not leave the timelines like the Nextdoor and FB routines seem to do if they are not ' pinned ' or ' featured '.
Here is the Nextdoor link -
Brevard Patriots on -

I also found out there is a Brevard Patriots group on GAB but the name and background graphic is not the same as the one here on Nextdoor... I did not know it was built and sent a member request about a week ago and have not seen any response...

Brevard County, FL Patriots -

I created a replica of this group, including the background graphic and the introduction post.
and this is the link to the group I created -
Brevard Patriots - password Watchdog

Since I have a paid account on GAB, we can use the GAB voice system for chats and video if needed...

I also have another social media site group created on as another communication backup if needed...

Our ' Brevard Patriots ' group that was on was eradicated when MeWe was compromised... again. That is the 2nd time MeWe has been compromised and users and their groups were eradicated and we can not get MeWe support to respond to recover those assets.
When a user that created the groups is removed, every creation of that member_ID is also removed... but this time, even a group I had assigned to another user was also eradicated and the member also.