One of many... May 7, 2021



When this crap hit, I was in the ' boonies ' of Ohio. I do not watch the ' mainstream news '... I gather information from all kinds of foreign sources... I knew this was coming from the reports I was seeing before it was ever talked about anywhere else at the time. I had a massive set of the first original videos that escaped from communist China stored in my ' YouTube library ' before Google killed my YouTube account.... then Twitter killed my account shortly afterwards and on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 PM, Facebook killed our entire United States Minutemen structure ( nearly 4000 groups and pages with all kinds of information in their file systems ), the admins and the members too... THOUSANDS of members and all the information we were gleaning gone in seconds.
... and I did not have enough room on my local hard drives at that time to pull all of it down or enough time before they killed those accounts. I was getting suspended but never thought of them TOTALLY REMOVING everything that fast and from all of those platforms.

I gather information for our United States Minutemen from all over the world and I seen all those initial reports that were smuggled out of China by their ' underground citizens ' using spy pen cameras ( they were in Chinese talking and an interpreter had to convert it to English and it was not long before that Chinese doctor sent the warning about this was NOT NATURAL and came from that lab and the ' citizen journalist ' was taking videos of the stacks of people in those hospitals... some even still moving their hands... and then he went to the morgues and there were stacks of people there also moving their hands in those piles and they were burning them in piles... and then the Chinese government murdered that first doctor and journalist and they knew they were hunting them intensely at that time and knew they were going to be murdered to stop the leaks ) and that was in the very first part of DECEMBER 2020 and the information that IRAN was at the communist Chinese virus lab right before all this started spreading in CHINA AND IRAN and then that crap hit the US from both sides of our country at the same time... the West coast from communist China and the East coast by Iranian / Islamic terrorists coming thru Canada and then traveling across the northern border to New York... THIS WAS A PLANNED ATTACK ON THE US.