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This is the signature I use... I used to have a link to our main United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition group since we had almost 100 groups on Mewe and I had a voluntary paid account... and have no idea why my account was removed AND THAT REMOVED THE GROUPS AND ALL MY HUNDREDS OF FRIENDS I HAD ALSO... NO WARNINGS, JUST ONE DAY, GONE.

MeWe support never answered and I had a heck of a time trying to get the account remove from my credit union since I had it on my debit card ( they recommend putting it on a credit card, easier to stop payments )

This is the third time I have made an account on MeWe... I wanted to see what ( if anything ) was left of the structure and who was left from the purge.

Just a warning. We also had a massive structure on Facebook since 2012... I was tasked by the Florida CO at the time to start creating groups for every county in Florida ( expanded to the entire country and anyplace else I could build a presence on ) and started creating the groups and pages in December 2011 and finished the main part of the structure in July 2012... we had a state group and page, 5 or more administration groups and a group for every county for every state and territory of the Republic with a main group and page to tie everything together.

We had a pinned post in every group pointing back to a private web server I created on a Windows 7 laptop I purchased and expanded the memory to handle the processing load... it now has updated to the last version of Windows 10 and will need replaced soon since Microsoft does not want to support lower platforms in Windows 11 onward ( I may be able to manually make the system upgraded<G> )... I'm playing around on some different Linux options on some other laptops I use... we have to keep our options open and keep learning.

Facebook killed my account on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST... removing all the groups and pages and also all the files we had in the file system ( handbooks, maps, prepper information, recipes, our massive sets of spread sheets for every site location of the structures with links, radio configurations, each states information, etc. )

Note the web server has a lot more than what is shown on any pages... and I use it like a scrap book from my other laptops on my home network(s).


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Robert Gamble - Disabled IT Analyst/Communication Systems Engineer & Automation Test, Control and Design Systems Engineer, 82nd Airborne Artillery ( 1977 ) (preferred)