Well, we need to get our Patriot group liaisons  for the structure prepared <G>, I'm working on bringing other groups into the communications part of the top level 'Minutemen-HOMELAND-ADMINS' so all our groups can communicate.


We will only add a minimum of 2 liaisons from any outside group into the top area for communications between groups of Patriots at this time.


The outside group also should have minimum of 2 of our members as liaisons into their top area for the same reasons.


Any messages from that top area need to be seen by every state and county admin in our entire Minutemen 'structure' of independent states and counties... and all the admins in that group need to check their notification setting in that group especially.


That will be our entire coalition EMERGENCY BROADCAST AREA... a message put in that group should be seen on every members notification list ASAP.


All the members down at the county level need to make sure they have notifications set correctly for their state and county admins also so they may be informed quickly if a message does come down the 'path' for our attention.


That also gives us a way for message traffic of anything noticed to be sent to all members of our patriots so they can also be on the lookout.


If some disaster is heading our way ( or their way<G> ), this would be the place for a 'heads up' to be on the look out and get prepared in advance if possible. It would alert all the coalition of where emergency support maybe needed.


If somebody notices UN ( or any other ) movements, put a message in the Minutemen-HOMELAND-ADMINS AREA and all the groups can then be on the lookout also and maybe help verify the information from multiple sources ASAP.


I am considering making a group just for the liaisons of each coalition/ alliance group to be put in for group planning operations. There the members could all plan for all the groups to do certain events like a meeting, protests, overpasses...more !


Attached is the proposed structure chart and also a helpful picture to show where and how your notifications can and should be changed to for admins and groups.


It is according to where I am on this internet where I can see the messages. Hotmail pops up when I am just in windows about Hotmail/Live messages, Google Gmail and Yahoo mail gets massive notices and other information from all types of militias and news services along with Federal, State and local representatives.


I will also privately trade cell phone numbers with most people I know, I do not answer ANY calls not on my contact list for any reason, leave a message if from an unknown cell or regular phone.


I prefer text messages over any voice communications, they make it farther and quicker and I can then forward those places as needed, even to Facebook if necessary for posting to my page.