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Honorably Representative and fellow citizens of our great Republic(s),

Many if not most of us have been removed from most of the censoring liberal biased / controlled social media sites ( Our United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition had a structure on Facebook since 2011 ( it took me over 7 months of determined programming to complete that request by my CO at the time ) that contained a group in every county and province of every state and territory in our Republic, a state group and page and a national group and page and assorted support groups and pages also connected to our structure ... almost 4000 and maybe even more as some admins also created their own region groups and pages to help members meet and join and it was ALL REMOVED on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST along with all of our admins and most of the conservative members ), twitter had already removed me that spring over CCP comments and Google's removed me for putting a link on the Florida CAIR site on their platform reminding them and the rest of the public of a CAIR private conference in Chicago where they bragged that ' BLM is our movement ' to their members sometime soon after the BLM was created.... sometime in October of 2020.

I have noticed that most of our local, state , federal and other organizations constantly advertise the use of those censoring social media platforms and many even request us to share onto those platforms and the list of organization and government offices often use those locations to have contact information, take messages and request on and for a multitude of problems, and even have groups and pages on those structure for different support functions... many of those are a great help to all of our citizens if used correctly and if the citizens have access to those resources... BUT many of those source have now removed many of the CONSERVATIVE sites and voices we also need to have access with and since many of us have been removed or banned from those sites, WE HAVE NO VOICE IN THOSE CONVERSATIONS ANY LONGER.

I am graciously requesting the tax payers resources to not be used where we have no access, to not advertise and support those censoring sites and to remove all tax benefits of any kind those censoring social media sites received from the tax payers and other citizens of our many republics.

I am also asking that no tax payer resources to be used as a monetary asset when dealing with those censoring resources any longer and stipulations be made that no citizen of any of our great Republics are ever removed as long as they receive any type of compensation.

We should have no taxpayer supported IT resources creating material and putting those censoring sites link and logos as free advertisement to and for those sites and wasting the resources placing any of our information on those sites anymore since ALL OF OUR CITIZENS ARE NOT FREE TO ACCESS THAT INFORMATION WITH THEIR CURRENT CONTROL STRUCTURES AND MANAGEMENT.

I could continue this document with many references to all those events that have transpired but many of you have been personally involved in those attacks and will be a much better reference asset with your own knowledge and teams involvement added to this request.

Thank you for the attention if you have read this far in this fairly long citizen's request for assistance in this project.

I will also be posting copies to the multitude of alternative social media sites many have had to flee to to continue our quest for liberty and justice FOR ALL.

The ' to: address ' will have just a few of the many people that will be getting and viewing this document and hopefully other citizens that are involved in our quest will also be sending copies of this and their own documents throughout the free press that has also had to move to the many alternative social media platforms or create their own.

I made this decision based on a memo ( asking us to support BLM and not support ' all lives matter '( since they considered it racist ) from a new social media site that the LEAD asked me personally to help with called NEXTDOOR.COM ( MALABAR ) region in Palm Bay, Florida that is now my new home since 2011.

Please consider moving all of our support sites to a platform similar to the nextdoor.com platform but it must include the contract stipulations that NO CITIZEN OF OUR GREAT GROUP OF REPUBLICS WILL EVER BE REMOVED.

April 4 ( Easter Sunday ), 2021

Robert Gamble

Disabled IT Analyst, 82nd Airborne Artillery 1977, Remote Service Officer for the Newton American Legion post 726 of East Fultonham, Ohio, former IT Analyst for United Technologies Automotive in Zanesville, Ohio that was sold to Lear Corporation and dismantled and sold to Mexico, South Korea and communist China, National admin of the United States Minutemen – American Patriots Coalition that is still creating structures on the multiple alternative social media platforms that my CO requested of me many years ago as my support project for that organization in 2011

Rfgamble@yahoo.com (preferred )