Found in a text ' journal ' of posts and comments

02-13-2019 @ 10:27 PM EST


If anybody sees this and has an account on facebook that is still working, please post on my page and other group pages that I am again in fbjail for another 30 days for a post back on January 16, 2016.... 3 years ago !!!


This is the ignorance members on fascistbook are going thru...

CLEAR BACK IN 2016 !!!!


Now I got another 30 days....FACEBOOK NEED GUTTED.


You can't post, comment or use Messenger for 30 days

This is because you previously posted something that didn't follow our Community Standards.

This post goes against our standards on hate speech, so no one else can see it.

United States Minutemen

January 16, 2016 ·

They got their money... now threatening war ??? Smoke them ragheads !!


.... and I do not remember putting that crap there ( but probably did since it looks like reference to Iran <G> ) but it is still censoring ignorance.




No race is used... and come on, 3 years ago ??? Why are you spending so much time on MY ANCIENT HISTORY ON HERE ?? This is why the courts will soon be determining that facebook IS ATTACKING CONSERVATIVE US CITIZENS. Sorry... but all my associates are agreeing with me that use MeWe.com, Trumpbookusa, Mumblit, Minds, Right2Voice, TrumpTown and Spreely... and I am not sure how many others place they will send all this information to...maybe THE SENATE AND TRUMP ? I work on about 4000 groups and pages and when I am not posting on Facebook, Facebook LOOSES A LOT OF MONEY ON ADS.


This was where they got it... on the United States Minutemen page commenting on a shared article of the JEWSNEWS.CO.IL about IRAN WARNS US OF WAR - Missiles Are Locked on US Aircraft Carrier USS Truman 0n January 16, 2016.

... how much crap would you have to go thru to even get back that far ??


... and Anita was going to go look and she could only bring things up to December 6, 2018... HOW ARE THEY EVEN GETTING THERE ? .... they must have been using SEARCH... we can find articles back in that time area using search now.

Interesting... why would they be hunting those phrases going that far back in time ??


Our group has a lot of time invested in the group structure over on Facebook... it would be nice to have some way to import from that nightmare. I am sure we have nearly 4000 groups and pages in the United States Minutemen... a page and group for every state and a group for every county in those states, not counting region groups and other utility groups for maintenance and security.

Another problem... defining the admins and each group and/or page they take care of..


just like building a network structure but with suck ass tools<G>


BTW.. working on my 2nd 30 this year already... did 5 30's last year. I was back for about 3 days and they found something back in Jan 16, 2016 they didn't like...3 years back in time <G>


Facebook has now ' disabled / removed ' my account and every other admin of our groups and pages

and then removed every one of our groups and pages in the Minutemen structure as of August 19,2020 at 4:30 PM EST


You can find us now on MeWe.com