Managing our local state, county, city and region groups

created November 20, 2020 @ 3:45 PM EST


Pull up the members list... we need a few more admins to get members in when a request is received and to remove trolls and nuisance ' members '.

I usually let the local admins take care of this so they know their members and I just added a new member in the Massachusetts State group that may need verified locally. I can't do it from remote ( I live in Florida ) and the local members have a better idea who the people are.

These groups are mainly to get people to know each other for local meeting in their areas and to meet people in other areas by joining the main United States Minutemen group here on MeWe for news and events.

I had a group for every county of every state on trashbook ( that was ' disabled ' along with all of our admins and most if not all of the members in a matter of minutes on August 19, 202 at 4:30 PM EST ) but have not spent the 7 months building all of them on this platform or the other social media sites. If the state admins want to create the local county, city or ' region ' groups, they are more than welcome to... just update the state and territory spread sheets in our main group area file system ( so we can all find them if needed )... I removed all the addresses containing a facebook link so it is basically empty with just all the county names and some other information. ( I use the free MSoffice excel compatible CALC program included in ' Apache Open Office ' ... )

This link takes you to the main group file area(s) ... look for ' Spread Sheets - Links and URL Locations '

MeWe is the only place I spent the time creating the new state groups to make it easier for people to join and start building our structures back up... we lost many years of work by staying in that one social media site and many items in our files systems at the state levels that the members had added.

Luckily for us, I use our own personal web server built from the Windows ' optional features ' included in the operating system on a laptop to keep a copy of the set of spread sheets with all our information in it and have it backed up regularly ( usually in a couple of formats... the regularly windows backups to the external USB drive(s) and I copy the entire set of the 30 web pages and assorted files out to USB flash drives and now to a MicroSD 1TB memory card that has decreased in price to about $15 the last one I bought from )

If anybody is interested in making their own home web server out of an old or inexpensive PC or laptop and getting it connected to the internet, check out our group here.

I had a backup laptop but a power blip down here apparently caused the main laptop to fail ( or just real old age since I bought both of the laptops in 2011<G> ) and I had to swap the internal disk drive into the backup to keep the web server online.

I am waiting until after the first of the year to get another inexpensive laptop ( I try to only spend about $250 and then upgrade the memory myself ) to keep here ' in case ' since I am on SSD and do not have the resources since this is all voluntary and comes out of my pocket and if you follow me, you know I was stuck in Ohio for about 14 months due to hitting a damn big pothole ( maybe a land mine<G> ) in South Carolina in August of last year and barely made it to Ohio for my doctors and had to replace pieces for months that keep going out ( one damn thing after another<G> ) until I finally made it back home near the first of October.

I am really glad I was in Ohio during the first session with the Chinese Wuhan biological weapon test against our country... I could not imagine being told I couldn't go to the beach down here. because the United Nations WHO and our own CDC and the corrupt medical establishment used lies about the infections ( and still pulling shit ) along with the globalists supporting democrat party that apparently wanted this imaginary crisis to manipulate our elections. ( GOD does things in very mysterious ways )

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Managing our local state, county, city and region groups

Keep the fires burning, Patriots ! <G>