New state or county admins intersted in getting this done.

Your in !

Now start getting your trusted friends and family into their counties...

you can make them or tell me the county in the PM..

just send me the link for the new county if you make it..

everything is in the admin group file section,.

the background, the admin-roles file, the pinned post file... j

ust create it..

adding 4 admins ( you could get by with 2 at first i do 4 .. me, my girlfriend, and a couple from Orange to use as temporary admins..),

put the files in the file section there so people can see and use also, make all the people you added as admin to but only them...

the member only have member add not member delete.

 and then send me the link in a PM...

take me about 4-5 min each..

especially if I have alist ofthe county right there<G>

If you look at the sheets, most ofthe new ones are all the same format ..

minutemen state group or minutemen county name state ...

I use a spreadsheet here... and as soon as I get them done, copy the ID into it and the name and save it and then make a web page that all are using..

instant updates for the entire group ..

and it does not matter if people see the names or ID's <G>..

if they are not in the secret groups, they can not get in anyway..

counties do not see other counties group info but do share the state page..

they can all message there!