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I am hoping some of my Patriot friends visit these other alternative social media sites and join our groups there also as support and for another news and information source.

If you find any of the group links not working, please let me know. I know a few of the sites have been attacked and rebuilt... some a few times but the groups I have here DID exist at one time and I try to visit some of them as much as possible when I share news and information across our multi site presence we have been working on so we do not have a disruption of communication like what happened with trashbook that we had months creating and years of our members hard work destroyed on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST

I try to place a banner on each alternative site pointing back to our new home on again, it you do not see a banner with RED LETTERS showing our new home address here, LET ME KNOW IN A PM so I can see it when I hit this location back up in my rounds.

I also try to keep this list updated on our web server at

ENJOY ! ... and Keep the fires burning, Patriots !


Locating United States Minutemen on Social Media sites - Home -

Central depository for American Patriots Coalition - United States Minutemen Structures.

June 7, 2020 revised September 10, 2020 @ 10:39 PM EST

United States Minutemen -

Locating State Minutemen groups on - locating_states_minutemen_groups.html 

USMM Homeland Admins -

Minutemen Information Technologies -

Do Not Buy Reolink cameras - Home Security cameras -

Minutemen Reloading and Arms Information -

Florida Minutemen - current home on MeWe -

Florida Minutemen - Join -

Brevard Florida US Minutemen -
Space Coast area. A replacement because of Facebook theft / accounts disabled.
This is a place for the members to meet other like minded people in their areas. We also try to place important information in our file areas and post news and weather that may have an influence in the area.
Members need to also join the Florida and United States Minutemen groups.

USMM Florida - Brevard Conservative Voting -

Muskingum Ohio US Minutemen -

Florida West/East Central Emergency Network -

UN Removal Project -

MERT ( Minutemen Emergency Rescue Teams ) -

US Minutemen Radio Technology -
The place for our members to learn about radio technology... the file system will contain the CHIRP programming for the handhelds compatible with that format.
I would like to see some of our members building packet radio sites and documenting the process of creating the sites.
Radio communication will be needed for many SHTF scenarios... this area will help us all learn to work with different types of radios and their limitations.

Ohio Minutemen -

United States Minutemen West Virginia -

US Minutemen - Survival Natural Plants -

Hunting Down ANTIFA John Brown Gun Club Members -

Troll Black List to help admins verify -

Defiance1 - another Q-WWG1WGA Patriot site -

Newton American Legion Post #726 -

Now on WG1WGA ...
Florida Minutemen -
UN Removal Project -
Now on MAGABook ...
UN Removal Project -
Now on -
UN Removal Project -
Florida Minutemen -
Ohio Minutemen -
United States Minutemen -
United States Minutemen -

United States Minutemen -

United States Minutemen -

 My Militia
 United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition - My Militia

United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition -
United States Minutemen @USMMgroup - 

USMinutemen - 

The MAGA Patriot Party
News Feed : The Maga Patriot Party
United States Minutemen

Telegram Links
United States Minutemen group -
United States Minutemen Channel -

Patriot and Conservative link list

Other great sources of information
 Another great site for information ...