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Created October 27 2022

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200+ Gardenia Seeds(Cape Jasmine) for Home Garden Planting


Conolidine: A Novel Plant Extract for Chronic Pain


By Anastasia Myronenko

Introducing CBD and Conolidine: A Natural Approach to Pain Management

Updated: 25 Oct 2021



Natural pain relief with no opioids, no side effects?

Isolated from a tropical flowering plant, conolidine kills pain like morphine without going through any of the major neurotransmitters associated with opiates, chemists show.
Written by Janet Fang, Contributor on


Blood cleaning solutions


After such vascular cleansing, elderly people finally get rid of high blood pressure and other 9 supposedly "incurable" diseases!

The famous American cardiologist told a simple method
Tiffany Ellington
21 Oktober 2022





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