Have you done your due diligence?
July 15, 2022 @ 4:33 PM EST
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Laurie L.
Pace Dr/Jupiter Blvd • 3 days ago
Have you done your due diligence?

By now, you should know: (if they apply to your area)

1. Your district for US Congress and who is running?
2. Your state senate and who is running?
3. Your state house and who is running?
4. Your county council district and who is running; including at-large?
5. Your school board district and who is running?
6. Your city council district and who is running; and your city zone?


Research every candidate. Yes, it takes time. No, don’t go by someone else telling you how to vote. Make your own decision. Does the candidate represent you – ONLY YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. You have the internet, use it!!!

Questions to research (examples but not all inclusive)
1. Where do they live? How long?
2. Who are they married to? How long? Is the spouse on the campaign trail with them? Is the spouse a US Citizen?
3. Do they have children? If so, are they in school? Where?
4. How much money have they raised? From what source?
5. Who is endorsing them? Does that person(endorser) align with your values?
6. What is their stance on subjects important to you?
7. Where do they work? How do they make an income? How long?
8. What is their net worth? How did they accumulate that much money?
9. Do they vote? Where? https://www.publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/Voter-and-Elections-Information.htm www.voterrecords.com When did they register? Is it active? Can’t find the information online, call your Elections department.
10. Connect the legislative season to the election season. By that I mean – how did they vote if they are an incumbent? Does their vote align with your beliefs, values and wishes? If not, vote them out.

If you can’t find information – why are they hiding it? Ask these questions to the candidate when they are at a speaking engagement.

A word about donations:
A great source is www.opensecrets.org/races/candidates
Select your State – go to the race you are researching (ex. Florida District 06) There will be a list of candidates. Tab across the top of page – Go to candidates
Are they getting their money from small individual contributions ($200) or large individual contributions? PAC Contributions? Candidate self-financing?
Self financing is an indicator nobody is donating to their campaign. PAC contributions would be an indicator they will be beholding to someone, if elected.