Cannabis industry following the NWO in lockstep
March 11 2022
Robert F. Gamble



The Cannabis industry is brain washed by the globalist elite and should be supporting the actions of Russia to shut all that NWO, United Nations and the ' Deep State ' criminal enterprise crap down in Ukraine... it is currently at the center of corruption and collusion for the globalist elite and also the money laundering center of the world for blackmails, bribery, extortion and political kickbacks to the progressive communist democrat party and many RINOS too.

You had best be doing some serious research on all of what has happened to bring the Russian Republic to take these actions for its defense... Ukraine was in the process of re-implementing nuclear weapons and had a massive amount of biological and chemical laboratories, many real close to the Russian-Ukraine borders and seconds away from the Russian Capital... they are also a clearing house for a massive amount of military weapons systems that conveniently seems to ' get lost '.

With this message being sent like this... are YOU a member of the ' Deep State ' also ???

Robert Gamble - Disabled IT Analyst/Communication Systems Engineer & Automation Test, Control and Design Systems Engineer, 82nd Airborne Artillery ( 1977 ), National Admin for the United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition (, Service Officer for the Newton American Legion, East Fultonham, Ohio (preferred)

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Cannabis industry steps up to support Ukraine | The USDA estimates the value of the hemp crop in the United States at $824 million
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