Political scrap book.. a place to build quick replies to the globalist controllers attack on our country.

You may find a few letters I have wrote my Representatives in a few of these.. your are welcome to use them as needed.

Some people trying to use phones may have some issues.. I do not use a phone for these type issues ( and I have an old 5+ years brick that has decent text but lousy internet )

I often open these up when I open my browser up.. and add to them as different articles and issues arise.. I get tired of repeating the typing and use the tools we have to make it easier.

If you use Firefox and YouTube and want to copy and paste.. open a new tab and put 'about:config' in the address line.. and then 'dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled' in the next search line.. and then 'double click' to change to 'false'. Do your copy and paste to their comment section and then remember to change it back to 'true' when you leave... ( or else Facebook and other sites will have a hard time working with copy and paste )


political scrap         - ( assorted replies and links )

Cruz scrap             - ( mainly Cruz related replies and links )

Trump scrap         -  ( mainly Trump related replies and links )

Hillary junk           - ( mainly Hillary related replies and links )

Violent Islam         - ( mainly islam replies and links )

Soros crap           -( mainly issues due to that NAZI trouble maker )

Natural Born Citizen - Notes and links