This may be a solution for you and your friends and neighbors.


We at least have all the United States and the Territories state groups created, there are 3 states with all their county 'secret' groups fully operational and members in many of them.


Texas and North Carolina have a few of their counties created and working on creating the rest and documenting them in the structure sheets also.

Recently added groups.

Lyon, Kansas just can into the group- 02-07-2014

Grant Count, New Mexico- 02-07-2014


We can publish this list for all the admins and the members to use because of the nature of Facebook's secret groups, even if you know the Facebook ID, you can not gain entrance unless you are a member.


I myself have created most of these groups for the Minutemen and the new American Patriots Coalition to bring other' militias' into the structures so all the 'emergency preparation groups' can communicate across the facebook interface.


This is the link to our centralized configuration system. All of our county and state groups automatically have the latest information by linking to this external Web Server..


This is the link to the spreadsheet with all the 'secret' groups in our 'Down to county  "Eye to Eye" local security system' we are now using. and here is the Facebook link to the 'recruiting' page for the Coalition...