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Hi everyone. Lois Chambers Hunt and I be working to create personal bios for each of us. We'll be posting questions on this page to get the information for the bios.
Denise posted a question about our expectations for the reunion. Please post an answer if you haven't yet done so. The next question is: Tell us about your most vivid memory from your time in school? Also, start looking for those high school photos, as we would like to share pics of then and now from as many of us as possible.

Does anyone have/save a copy of our commencement program? It might be a good source to make sure we have at least all the names of the folks who graduated with us. We'll have to use yearbooks and memory for those who attended with us, but may not have graduated, graduated early, etc.

So a sneak peak of today, the meeting was a great turnout. 16 classmates I was really touched. So first bit of news while we were gathering we had another $200 donation come in anonymous. BIG THANKS, now we are at $1100. Next we made a phone call to Steve Tilly and he has donated his party barn in Frazysburg for our reunion, ( more news on that later). For our entertainment we have Matthew Frampton for our meet and greet through dinner and awards then to Karaoke and DJ to follow. We are organizing activities for the weekend and are planning some nice things. Stay tuned for the details. We are still asking for donations we are close to making this a free reunion for all, I know we can do this we are good people.




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