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Maysville High School

3725 panther dr
zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: (740)-454-7999


45 year reunion

August 29, 2022

Here is a list of our dearly departed classmates,
Mike Anders, Marsha Perone, Craig Mitchell, Rick Starner, Brian Tigner, Linda Hearing, William Porter, Rick Tipton, Dick Dennis, Jeff Brock, Tim Gee, Skip Pletcher, Myron Mercer, Keith Forsythe, Sandra Pusak, Thomas Stotts Jr., Mark Patterson, Jay Krouskoupf, Brenda Willison, Rick Riffle, Terre Couden Chambers, Erin James Watts, Chuck Tyo and Wally Stotts





40 year reunion
Denise Crawford

It's official: September 23, 2017 is going to be our Maysville Class of 1977 40th reunion.
Please send in email addresses or updated addresses so Deb Merritt and Lois Chambers Hunt can send out BIO information and registration forms. Thank you all for making this an easy party to plan.

I was asked for a place people could send money anonymously, If there is anyone wanting to make a donation whether anonymous or not we will have an account open after Monday. You may also use and send it to me at if this is more convenient. Thank you

I put an Invite out on

Link to Classmates site for Maysville Class of 1977 Reunion -


Sep 23, 2017

at 5:00 pm

Sep 23, 2017

at 11:00 pm


Steve Tilley's Party Barn, 11167 Fallsburg Rd. Frazysburg

Frazysburg, OH 43822

Event details

Fellow classmates we are inviting you join us for our 40th Class Reunion . We will have events for the weekend and the Reunion will start at 5pm on Saturday September 23, 2017. Meet and Greet: 5pm - 7pm, Dinner: 7pm, followed with Awards & Mingling. Entertainment through dinner is Matthew Frampton with Karen Williams Karaoke Mix to follow. Please join Facebook:" Maysville Class of 1977", we can keep you updated. Emails needed and address needed.


July 20, 2017 @ 5:10 PM EST

Our Maysville Class of 1977 is looking for contact information on a few members.
Denise Crawford‎ ( )
Maysville Class of 1977 ( )
3 hrs ·

Here is an updated list of people we need contact info, I know some are on FB but they aren't responding. I don't have contact info for; Tami Guss Allen; Kathy Browning; Brenda Carsey; Judy Colebank(?); Norma Deitenbeck; Kevin Dickerson; Carol Douglas (?); Keith Filler; Cheryl Gallagher; Bill Hardin; Karin Haser; Esther Johnson; Greg Joseph; Mona Gourley; Jeff McHenry; Lori Miller; Christy Morris; Paula Perrin; Skip Pletcher; Sandy Pushkin; Ed Severt; Craig Snider; Jeff Snyder.

Please send them to Denise Crawford or even send them by private message to me and I'll forward them on to her.


..copied from the group area..
Deb Merritt : I've reached all except the following either by mail, email or FB: Kathy Browning; Norma Deitenbeck, Cheryl Galligher, Jeff McHenry, Lori Miller, Christy Morris, Paula Perrin, Sandy Pusok, Ed Severt, Jeff Snyder, Sherrie Stoneking & Brenda Willison. I've gotten a few of the save the date cards back for bad addresses and will post those names again tonight. Please let Denise or I know if you have contact info for any of these folks.


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