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06-06-2017 @ 11:00 AM EST

Mayor Ginther declares sanctuary city!


05-31-2017 @ 12:38 AM EST

Representative Luis Gutierrez Is The Definition Of Scum

Leftist congressman and an anti-Trump whiner, Luis Gutierrez, took almost half of his campaign money and put it in his wife’s pockets, according to his elections filing.

Soraida Gutierrez, the wife of the Illinois Democrat, was a registered lobbyist in Illinois for most of the early 2000s.

She has been on the payroll for the congressman’s campaign for the last seven years, however, she made in hundreds of thousands of dollars while on his payroll.

And the money keeps rolling in.

On Feb. 6, the Gutierrez for Congress campaign gave her $6,000 for her work as their “treasurer” and for “management” and “fundraising” services. Three weeks after the fact, she was given another $6,000.

That might not seem like a lot, but it is, considering it’s almost half of the entire amount the campaign spent during the first quarter or 2017.

All in all, Soraida has been given $385,000 from her husband’s campaign since 2010,