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April 4 2023

Robert F Gamble


The END OF OUR WORLD as we know it !

These are a few of my MAIN GO TO CHANNELS on YouTube
Ben Davidson
Earth Disaster Playlist:
Doug Vogt
Geological evidence for the 12,000 year cycle of climate disasters | Douglas Vogt



<G>.. You ROCK Sir !!!!
Maybe check out GAB TV ( ) as a streaming platform ( alternative )... less restrictive than YouTube and that place is always packed ( and you can do more than 1 ' service ' at the same time <G> ! )...

I throw your links on USMM-Science ( ) when I find them ( yeah, YouTube notifications suck ... wish you had some text notification we could sign up for ).

I am also going to start using GAB as an almost permanent link to your information and also have Doug Vogt's information as another reference...( keeps traffic to my little laptop web server I use as a scratch pad down )
( and I would love to have many more references to you and Doug's material to add onto the message )
( GAB has a funny way of linking posts in a group... I was really expecting to see ' USMM-Science ' instead of my name<G> )

Keep the fires burning Patriots !!