Done with trashbook. I'll use it as a news source until we are GONE. We are going to close all groups and pages ASAP. MOVE NOW.

Now on -

Florida Minutemen - current home on MeWe

US Minutemen

  News, Space and interesting articles

Minutemen Emergency Response Teams information  Hurricane Information links

Central depository for American Patriots Coalition - US Minutemen Structures.

There is a Facebook US Minutemen group in EVERY county of every state and territory of the USA.

NOTE ! Due to fascistbook censorship ... We are working on multiple alternative social media systems to make sure we have as many communication channels open to use as possible. on

 *** Note new pages added to spread sheets for communications systems links, HAM repeaters, HAM - CHIRP information.

This entire site (and backups) is designed for EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS for all of our communities !!

This Coalition of Patriots combines the strengths of the III%, The Minutemen, the Citizens Action Network, the ARMED CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA and now the American Patriot Strike Force.

Another great site for information ...

This is the list of states and you can download the entire country also State groups-individual sheets current pinned post  

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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