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Locating United States Minutemen on Social Media sites

US Minutemen

  News, Space and interesting articles

Minutemen Emergency Response Teams information  Hurricane Information links

Central depository for American Patriots Coalition - US Minutemen Structures.

There is a Facebook US Minutemen group in EVERY county of every state and territory of the USA.

NOTE ! Due to fascistbook censorship ... We are working on multiple alternative social media systems to make sure we have as many communication channels open to use as possible.

 https://www.mumblit.com/UnitedStatesMinutemen on https://www.mumblit.com

https://www.spreely.com/group/United-States-Minutemen on https://www.spreely.com/members/home

Check out the United States Minutemen channel on Zello https://zello.page/DN76L7v6bBQcqqZWA

 *** Note new pages added to spread sheets for communications systems links, HAM repeaters, HAM - CHIRP information.

This entire site (and backups) is designed for EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS for all of our communities !!

This Coalition of Patriots combines the strengths of the III%, The Minutemen, the Citizens Action Network, the ARMED CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA and now the American Patriot Strike Force.

Another great site for information ... http://fantonino-changingworld.blogspot.com/

This is the list of states and you can download the entire country also State groups-individual sheets current pinned post  

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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