United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition

United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition


All Federal ' corporation ' employees and ANY / ALL of their subcontractors, United Nations, GOOGLE, AMAZON, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest employees and companies associated with them AND ESPECIALLY THE COMMUNIST CHINESE PARTY MEMBERS AND THEIR SPIES, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AND MUST LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY. You may not use ANYTHING ON THIS SITE ANYWHERE FOR ANYTHING... PERIOD !

You will be considered TRESPASSERS and any attacks same as if they fired a weapon !


Revoke The United Nations Charter !

Revoke The United Nations Charter ! : https://gab.com/groups/84257

Revoke The United Nations Charter - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2318568968348641/

Now on Patreon !





 UN Removal Project

The END OF OUR WORLD ( solar micro-nova coming by 2030 - 2040 ) as we know it !

USMM-Effective Counter Communications : USMM-Effective Counter Communications


Industrial Sized ( Budweiser goes woke - going broke ! ) Child Grooming

Implementing defensive lasers

Global Preplanned Murder of BILLIONS of our friends and family !

New social media site and we have a presence on it already... https://twellit.com/groups/USMM.APC


Elon Musk Conservative Twitter !


 Dean Garrison is the founder of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. You can currently find him on GAB, Truth Social and GETTR. He is suspended/banned from Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to text him at 402 855 6012 so we can start organizing. God Bless You All. If you have a website, FULL REPRINT RIGHTS are granted. Just link back if you would.



August 13, 2022



Running news articles as I find them started on August 13, 2022 at 4:03 PM EST


Constitutional Sheriff Wayne Ivey August 24 2022 Preferred candidates for political office -



Locating United States Minutemen on Social Media sites Are your affairs in order

I created a new connection point for anybody interested in the Minutemen...
This will be the email so we have a way to send group email out as needed.... mailto:USMM-APC-National-Admin@proton.me
This is where we can share our messages and information on GAB...
United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition - gab.com/groups/5162
Hope to see a few of you over there soon<G>
Keep the fires burning, Patriots !

  Make America Defiant Again 

  Central depository for United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition structures.

  *** Note new pages added to spread sheets for alternate social media sites we have a presence on, communications systems links, HAM repeaters, HAM - CHIRP information, Information Technology - programming.

This entire site (and backups) is designed for EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS for all of our communities !!

Latest set of spread sheets with links   Latest Web format set of spread sheets  Latest text document Historical-last spread sheets with facebook URL's    MeWe group types

Space... The Final Frontier !   

Medical and biological information  Capsule-pill_filling_Information/capsule_filling_information.html

My current list of tabs GAB voice chat

Current Space Coast ( Florida ) Launches Scheduled  XXX - Biden links - adults only

Reolink cameras sold by Amazon.com

Programming links and tips    https://teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/patents/us-patent-1266175-lightning-protector

Automation Systems   Irobot voice reference  Recipes   Pre-diabetes_and_diabetes_information

This Coalition of Patriots combines the strengths of the III%, The Minutemen, the Citizens Action Network, the ARMED CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA and now the American Patriot Strike Force.


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISAhttps://www.cisa.gov/election-security

Another great site for information ... http://fantonino-changingworld.blogspot.com/

News, Space and interesting articles   Minutemen Emergency Response Teams information  Hurricane Information links

Maysville class of 1977 40th reunion

Brevard Patriots - https://iii.thruhere.net/brevard_patriots/brevard_patriots.html



Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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